About Me


People always ask me: Where did you come up with Dancing Goat? I love answering this question! I raised dairy goats for about 15 years and they're one of my passions. Unfortunately, I'm currently goatless.

I was educated overseas in international schools from 6th grade through sophomore in high school, after my Dad was hired by Bechtel Corporation. We returned to the States after that and I finished high school in California, then came back home to Washington for college.

I got my degree in psychology and worked in the mental health field for about 7 years (about 3 years as a Geriatric Mental Health Specialist).

I built my first small business website in 1996, and did a few more before moving east of the mountains to small farm and homestead. Life circumstances led me back to the western side of the State and I went back into building websites, but also learned the ins and outs of SEO, social media, and all forms of digital marketing.

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