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Responsive Websites

Because so many searches now begin on a tablet, smartphone or some other hand held device, Google began putting responsive websites to the head of the class and penalizing the rest. Not only does it help your Google ranking, it will make your visitors happy! (A responsive website re-sizes automatically to fit any size screen.)

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone's asking how to get on the first page of Google. There are a gazillion companies offering to sell you the latest snake oil; be wary of the ones that promise you page one with so-called "guarantees"! Here's the truth: White Hat (reputable, reliable, non-scammy) SEO requires a long-term commitment to the quality of your website and to the genuine benefits it delivers to your online visitors.

Social Media Management

Having trouble navigating the sea of social media sites? Not sure which ones will serve you best? Whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or any of the other social media sites, each has its own flavor, rules, and timetable. Many people pour time and money into social media and get few results. I can show you how to find and engage your audience in the right ways.

Reputation & Review Management

Whether you know it or not, your customers are talking about your business online - both happy customers and UNhappy customers. Want a free report showing you what your customers are saying about YOUR business?



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When you're too busy running your own business but you need someone you can rely on to make sure all of your online projects run smoothly, you need to know:

Your website is secure and functioning properly.
Your social media accounts are being monitored for customer satisfaction and engagement.
You have the right content being created for your audience.
You have a definite plan in place and can measure your results easily and automatically.
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If your time on social media isn't bringing results, you're wasting your time. If your website isn't bringing you new clients or providing value to existing clients, it's not working properly. Find out why by requesting a free analysis.




I’ve worked with a lot of great designers over the years. The work that Lisa did on our campaign website placed her at the top of that list. She did so by, creating a website that had enhanced visual appeal and usability of the site for our voters. Lisa is a talented designer and great to work with. She has ingenious web skills and an eye for the detail. Lisa is very innovative and is always looking for new ideas and fresh perspective. She by far exceeded my expectations.

Adam Rosenlund

Fire Commissioner, Graham Fire Department

air duct cleaning website

It's very difficult to know who to call and who to trust to build you a website for your business at a reasonable price. I was talking with a very good customer of mine named Kristine about needing someone to build a new website for my business Best Air Duct Cleaning Services. She highly recommended Lisa Taylor so I gave her a call. The best call I ever made. Lisa knows what she is doing and is up to date with her skills. She did a fantastic job building my company a new website and the price was very very reasonable. She is always there promptly to answer my questions and add or change any of the content I ask her to. She maintains my site and keeps it up to date for a very small fee. This is very important to me as I simply do not have the time or the desire to maintain my website. Knowing that my website is always up to date without having to do anything to maintain it myself is, well, fantastic! I would highly recommend anyone who needs a great website built at a very reasonable price with quality service and from a person who is always easy to contact to call Lisa. You won't be disappointed. Lisa is one of those great professionals who actually does care about her customers. That's hard to find these days. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed.

Ron Gee

Owner, Air Duct cleaning business


I had the good fortune to work with Lisa from Dancing Goat Web Design on a redesign/rebranding project for a non profit where I am a volunteer. Lisa was a very generous partner, building the new site from the ground up, migrating existing content, and finding solutions to challenges in recreating and optimizing functionality that had been customized in the earlier site. She was always quick to respond to issues and problems, and typically came to the table armed with a couple of different approaches. She has a great attitude and a breadth of technical knowledge. I would highly recommend Lisa and her company.

Teri G.

Project Manager

yellow balloon publications website

As the owner of a small business or non-profit, you simply can’t afford to have your website appear on page ‘Where-the-Heck-Are-We?' Lisa knows what it takes to keep Google and other search engines very, very happy: she builds ONLY responsive websites and knows how to help search engines discover them organically. She’s white hat every step of the way.

Kris Smith

Author, Copywriter


In almost every instance where potential clients visit my website to find out about me for the first time, they end up coming through my door, convinced that I’ll be the perfect provider to help them. Lisa Twining Taylor’s web design ( has made all the difference. My last website didn’t convert anywhere near as well as my new site does. Thanks, Lisa!

Debbie Gillham

Craniosacral Therapist, Body Image Consultant, LMP


As a teacher, tutor and workplace training specialist who works with people from more than 41 countries in Africa, Eurasia and Latin America, Lisa has gone out of her way to create a unique website to meet the diverse needs of my clients and students. She has gone totally out of her way and even acquired new sets of skills to build my user-centered site.

Lisa was recommended to me by my father, Bob Benum, who ran a home building company in Pierce County for 34 years. Through osmosis, I learned the critical difference between sub-contractors and partners. Lisa Twining Taylor is one of the very few people who I would consider to be a partner.

Christopher Benum

Instructor of English as a Second Language


"The Hope Whispers landing page looks great! I'm pleased with the content and design. You captured the essence of Hope Whispers - the vulnerability, pain, despair, and hope - in the palm of one hand. Just beautiful!

Lorele Vanzant, Ph.D

Author, therapist

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