October 2, 2015

Social Media Management



Social Media Strategy: This is to determine which social media sites are appropriate for your business or organization, and to get clear about what your goals are and how social media can help accomplish them.

Daily Monitoring: Every account is monitored daily for new activity. Comments are Liked (Facebook) and responded to, and potential problems are dealt with early (Reputation Management).

Reputation Management: Social media meltdowns are a potential train wreck waiting to happen for any business. I’ve witnessed a number of them and they all have two things in common: 1) they’re started by someone who posted without thinking and then tried to defend said post, or responded inappropriately to a disgruntled customer, and 2) they’re not pretty. It’s crucial to make sure every post is appropriate to both your brand and your customers, and that problems are dealt with efficiently and pleasantly.

Brand/Company Protection: This is to make sure no one else attempts to build an online presence using your brand and/or company name. Profiles/usernames of your brand will be created on all major social media sites, when appropriate. Once claimed, no one else can use them.

Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube. For each appropriate site we will take care of the setup and enhancement, initial promotion and “seeding” (no fewer than 25 fans). (All other social media sites will be at separate rates.)

Blogging: Maintaining a blog is essential for certain types of businesses, and completely unnecessary for others. Our Social Media Strategy session will help you determine whether you should have one or not.

Social Media Management: Photo and presentation sharing, weekly posts, curation (finding and sharing posts that pertain to your business and/or put your business in a favorable light), updates and engagement, meme/content creation.

For more information about how your social media strategy will work, please read How to Find a GOOD Social Media Marketer