Social Media Management

What Exactly Is Social Media Management And Why Is It Important?

Most small businesses nowadays have a website and a presence on at least one social media site - Usually Facebook or Twitter. But unless it's your business to engage with your customers or come up with effective Facebook campaigns, you probably don't have much time to keep all of it up to date.

81% of all people in the US have social media accounts. That means YOUR customers are on social media - and you should be, too.

But it's not enough to just have a page/profile and throw a post up every once in awhile. And that's not even the WORST mistake I see on social media business pages. I see:

  • Curated content from other business sources - driving customers to OTHER sites
  • Too much promotional content and not enough VALUABLE content
  • Little to no engagement with customers - including LIKING a customer comment

Let's face it: making sure your social media is effective and working for you is time-consuming. You just don't have enough hours in the day to monitor your accounts, respond to customer comments, and create posts that your customers will find valuable.

Effective social media management will bring you more customers by developing a specific content plan that helps them solve their problems (and positions YOU as the one who can do that!).

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