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SEO Tips: 3 Things to Stop Doing Now

Good SEO Strategy Takes Time


In this new section, I’ll be focusing on SEO tips you can use to streamline your own strategy. Check to see if you’re making any of these mistakes.


1. Focus Only on Page Rank

While page rank is important, it’s not the only thing that matters in your SEO strategy. If your site is set up to be SEO friendly, your content is continually optimized for search results, and you’re providing high-quality content for your visitors, your ranking will organically rise.

If page rank is your top concern, it’s likely you’re not focusing on your target audience, which means they won’t be staying once you get them there. And, since that’s one of the things Google takes into consideration for ranking, you just might be creating the very thing you wanted to avoid.


2. Creating As Many Backlinks As Possible

In the old days, the people with the most backlinks ranked. Now, it’s not only more important that the links to your site are relevant and come from quality sites, it’s essential. Having a huge amount of links to your site can actually hurt your ranking, if those links are from “scammy” sites or sites that have nothing to do with you or your target audience.

It’s better to have a good strategy for creating quality backlinks from influencers in your field, drive traffic from your social media accounts, and submit articles to quality sites.


3. Keyword stuffing

Adding words to content simply because you want to rank higher on Google is one of the worst things you can do. Not only will it make your content look terrible, it will probably cause you to lose ranking.

Ranking for individual words is more difficult today, with the amount of competition. It’s better to focus on long-tail keywords – whole phrases and questions your target market is likely to put into Google when they’re searching for you. Make a list, and then write an article that addresses those items.


Good SEO is not quick, it’s not easy, and it’s not cheap. But if you have a good strategy and you work toward your goals of creating high quality content for your target audience, you’ll rank better over time. And, it’s far less likely a new Google algorithm update will cause your site to slip in rank.