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How to Find a GOOD Social Media Marketer


How To Find a GOOD Social Media Marketer For Your Business


Anyone can hang a “Social Media” shingle these days. In fact, they seem to be a dime a dozen on places like Elance, ODesk, FreeLancer, etc. But how do you know if they’re any good? How do you know they’ll be able to achieve the results you need as a business owner?
Remember that social media marketing is, first and foremost, marketing. You wouldn’t purchase a TV ad spot without a carefully crafted commercial, and it’s the same thing with social media: it all begins with a solid marketing plan.
Here are 7 questions to ask a potential social media marketer:

  1. What plan do they have for your site and your business?
  2. What differences are there between the social media sites, and do they plan to post the same thing to all of them?
  3. What’s the difference between a Facebook Profile, Page, and Group, and what is each used for?
  4. Can they provide some samples of content they’ve produced for clients?
  5. Can they provide some links to accounts they manage?
  6. Can they track the stats to confirm their marketing is making an impact toward your goals?
  7. Can they provide stats on the results they’ve achieved from their efforts?

Don’t let them dazzle you with their brilliant knowledge! Make sure they can provide solid examples of their work and results to back up what they say they can do for you. Most importantly: do they have a strategy that’s clear? And is that strategy moving you closer to your business goals?
Do they have an idea of which social media sites would be best for your business?
If all they do is procure from other sources, they would not be a good hire. Every post that’s procured from other sources sends traffic to those sources. You want someone who’s main goal is to send traffic to your site!