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Hosting Malware Scam!


One of my clients forwarded an email they received from Sitelock stating their website had been compromised. Here’s what it said:

“As part of your hosting package with HostGator, you have been provided with a SiteLock website scanner that proactively checks for malicious threats and vulnerabilities. During a recent scan of [the site], malware was detected on your website.”

So I logged into the site and ran a security scan, which came up clean. Then I logged into the account, checked the files and found there was NO malware whatsoever.

My client did a little more digging and found this gem. The comments on the post show that they have advanced to actually deactivating sites…sites that have NO MALWARE on them.

This says to me, loud and clear, that neither Hostgator nor Sitelock have any integrity. I moved most of my client sites (and this one) to Veerotech last year and had already planned to move the rest of them (mostly development sites). My reason for moving was that they refuse to support LetsEncrypt, which is a free SSL serviceĀ  (http –> https). Why? It’s another upsell!

There are a number of good hosting companies out there. My advice is to stay far away from Hostgator (and any other hosting company that chooses Sitelock as a “partner”). Customers need to start meeting deceptive practices like this by taking their business elsewhere.