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4 Ways to Build Your eCommerce Store


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The first thing you need to do is have a plan: what kind of an eCommerce site do you need? What will you be selling (and to whom)? For the site itself you should focus on creating high-quality product images and descriptions, providing detailed product information, offering multiple payment and shipping options, and ensuring a smooth checkout process.

The most important features would include

a user-friendly interface, advanced search and filtering options, secure payment and transaction processing, seller verification and rating systems, and social sharing and referral tools. You should also focus on building a strong community of users.

Often pre-designed templates either have far more features than you need (in order to accommodate as many people as possible and make more sales) which causes your website to become bloated, or they don’t have the exact features you need for your business.

Fully custom websites give you far greater control over over both the design and functionality of your site, and improved user experience and engagement. Most importantly, fully custom sites are built to address your specific business needs and goals, and can help you stand out from your competitors.

First and foremost, a lot of planning goes into a course website if you plan to keep the courses themselves on your site (rather than hosting them with a course platform). Most importantly, you must have a user-friendly design, cear and concise course descriptions and learning objectives. Videos and interactive quizzes, as well as strategic gamification, are a huge plus. Easy and secure registration and community forums and support systems are a must. Progress tracking and completion certificates are also essential in today’s competitive world.

You have control over the design you approve before I start building the site, and there will be at least one (usually more) steps to approve throughout the build.

I have a complete, step-by-step process you go through that breaks everything down into bite sized chunks. 

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